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Biometric Punch Systems

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Biometric Punch Systems

One of the drawbacks of using swipe or proximity cards to measure attendance is misuse – what has become known as ‘buddy punching’, the act of one employee clocking in or out for another. Biometric devices are the latest measures to eliminate any kind of misuse of the system, as the employee must physically be in the presence of the terminal to register.

Access Control

In order to guarantee workplace security, business owners and managers must continually identify areas of risk and then make the necessary changes to mitigate those risks. For many organizations, risk comes in the form of unrestricted access.

Organizations that fail to implement measures to control employee and visitor traffic are actively putting their resources at risk.

Time & Attendance

Every year, world wide businesses loose billions of euros due to improper time clock management. According to the latest surveys by the World Payroll Association, payroll loss estimates average 4%. Despite modern advancements, many companies continue to use outdated punchcard systems–tempting even the most responsible employees to “buddy punch” for friends who leave work early or come in late.

Other companies take an on-your-honor approach, only to end up getting burned. The losses are staggering, and traditional time and attendance systems offer no fail-safes to keep employees honest.

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